Top 5 Doccubus Moments

1)  Nobody owns you.

2)  Just come back safe.

3)  Bo, you are not a monster, I know that.  You’re a different person than you were then, and the person that you are now, I absolutely love.

4)  Well, I have a hypothesis,  I think it’s what we feel for eachother.

5)  I love you.  You’re a succubus Bo.  And we both tried to pretend that it wouldn’t matter, but it does.   So what happens now?  You have to feed, off others.    And you’re ok with that?  I have to be.  But, I think we should have some ground rules.


Even with all of the flaws…. all of them.

As for the other stuff.  Put it in context and balance.  Because no story is told just one way, with one perspective.  There is always the redeemable in the seemingly impossible breaks of what we choose and what happens.

1)  When Lauren goes to the Ash as a SLAVE to ask to assist Bo in saving Kenzi’s life.  Going undercover with no physical skill in saving herself.  Using her logic to calm Bo’s nerves to make sure they are successful.  Whipping up an antidote and staying with Kenzi to make sure all is well.  

2)  When she doesn’t take Bo at her word because Bo isn’t in control of her body and is slowly devolving.  Identifying a grave threat that would soon kill the succubus where NOONE else would, and taking the heat of Bo’s ire in her immediate mistake over Kenzi.

3)  Everytime, as a SLAVE, Lauren defied the fae rules of light and dark to help Bo with her feeding and control issues.

4)  When she told Bo the truth that there were things she would never be able to give Bo entirely and bravely states that the keys to all relationships are Trust, Understanding, and Compromise.  Never standing in the way of WHO Bo is.

5) When Lauren, as a SLAVE to the fae, comforts the wolf that tormented her with her status and ownership in the death of his heart companion…even as she chooses to postpone her freedom or relinquish it all together to help save a race that would continue to use her, and woman who opened her heart and showed her a new world.

And.  Yes.  All of those things happened.  There is no need to shame another character, beyond the one fact that fae consider themselves superior in spirit to what they consider their prey.  The power balance DOES matter.  And it is a part of why this story is so important, and potent, and challenging, and human.

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